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Home-Gym floor protection mats

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Rubber floor protection mats for your home gym

When you create your own gym in the heart of your home, the right sports floor is crucial. Floor protection mats made of high-quality SBR rubber granules are more than just a simple protective layer. They form the foundation for a safe, effective and long-lasting workout. Here is a detailed guide on how to install these mats to perfect your home gym.

Why you should buy floor protection mats for your home gym!

Floor protection mats are an indispensable part of any home gym. They not only protect the floor from damage caused by weights or fitness equipment, but also ensure a safe and stable training environment.

The mats absorb vibrations, reduce noise and provide a non-slip base for exercises with weights or cardio workouts. Thanks to their versatility and durability, floor protection mats are a worthwhile investment that will make your home gym a pleasant and effective place to train.

How to find the best sports flooring for your home gym

When buying rubber floor mats for your home gym, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Material and quality - Choose high-quality rubber such as SBR rubber granules for maximum durability and shock absorption. You shouldn't skimp on the quality of the floor protection, because the floor will be the purchase that accompanies your home gym for years to come.
  • Thickness and density - Make sure the mats are thick and dense enough to ensure good shock absorption and protection for the floor. As a rule, floor protection mats are available from a density of 800 kg/m3. However, these mats are not intended for long-term use, as abrasion is very high due to the lack of density and the use of cheap PU adhesive (binding material). You should buy flooring with a density of at least 1,000 kg/m3. The thickness of the fitness mats is also particularly important for the home gym. It is important to consider the intended use. A mat with a thickness of 10 mm is sufficient for purely functional training areas. For areas where you train with heavier weights, you should use floor protection mats at least 2 cm (20 mm) thick.
  • Slip resistance - Make sure the mats have a non-slip surface to provide a stable base during exercise. A good value for this in dry conditions is ≤105 PTV (PN-EN 13036-4:2004)
  • Size and shape - Choose the right size and shape of mats to suit your training area and training equipment. Most floor protection mats are available in a square shape measuring 1m x 1m. However, there are also puzzle mats that are compressed due to the interlocking.
  • Easy to install and adjust - Check that the mats are easy to install and adjust as required to ensure seamless and snug fitting floor coverage. All mats on are easy to install and can be cut to size very easily with a carpet knife to cover the entire floor area.
  • Easy to clean - Make sure the mats are easy to clean and resistant to moisture and wear and tear to ensure their longevity.
  • Certifications and reviews - Check certifications and customer reviews to ensure that the mats you choose meet the quality standards and requirements of your home gym. An important feature here is REACH certification. REACH certification refers to a European regulation that governs the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals in the EU. When purchasing floor mats, it is important to pay attention to REACH certification, as it guarantees compliance with strict regulations for chemicals that are relevant to health and the environment and thus confirms the safety of the materials used.

You should consider these points before buying floor protection mats for your home gym

Planning down to the last detail

Before you buy the mats online, sketch out the layout of your training area. Take into account the exact positioning of your training equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells and racks. Comprehensive planning will help you to precisely determine the space required for the floor protection mats.

Floor preparation

Make sure the floor is clean, dry and level. Remove any unevenness, dust or dirt. Leveling the floor is essential to ensure that the fitness floor provides an even and stable foundation.

Mat type and material

Choose between square or puzzle-shaped floor protection mats to best suit your requirements. Mats made of high-quality SBR rubber granules offer an ideal balance between durability, slip resistance and shock absorption.

The optimum laying pattern

Choose a laying pattern that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. For square mats, a straight or staggered pattern is ideal. With puzzle-shaped mats, you can seamlessly join them together to create a continuous floor surface.

Precise cutting and fitting

It is likely that you will need to cut the mats to fit walls or corners. Use a sharp carpet knife to make precise cuts. Make sure the adjustments are accurate to avoid gaps or overlaps.

Careful laying of the mats

Ideally, start in a corner of the room and lay out the floor protection mats according to your installation pattern. Make sure that the mats lie firmly and evenly against each other to create a stable, even surface.

Fine adjustment and stability test

Take time to make adjustments during installation to ensure that the floor mats fit perfectly. After installation, check the stability and slip resistance of the surface to ensure safe training.

Long-term care and maintenance

Once laid, floor protection mats require little maintenance. Regular cleaning with a mild detergent (under tip: water mixture with washing-up liquid) keeps them clean and ready for use. Make sure that the rubber mats are checked regularly for wear or damage.

Additional considerations

Choosing floor protection mats is a crucial step for your home gym. Also consider whether you want to mark out areas (e.g. for cardio or stretching) or whether you want to use special cushioning mats for specific exercises such as yoga or HIIT.

Buy floor protection mats online - Our conclusion for floor coverings in the home gym

Laying protective floor mats is a creative process that requires time and care. However, this effort is rewarded, as a well-installed sports floor not only provides protection, but also an optimal training atmosphere. Invest in high-quality floor protection mats and design your home gym as an ideal training space that supports your fitness goals and motivates you to give your best.


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