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Building protection mat 10 mm - Inexpensive building protection mats by the meter on a roll - 6 to 15 mm thick - 12.5 m² per roll

119,90  - 469,90  incl. 19% VAT.

Price per m²

The building protection mat as yard goods on a roll offers a wide range of applications in building construction and civil engineering, exhibition stand construction and terrace construction. Thanks to their outstanding pressure and impact resistance, they are ideal for various requirements.

Note: The building protection mat is not suitable as a full-surface sports floor, only as a carpet pad for fitness equipment for sound and vibration insulation or as a carpet pad for a sports floor or artificial turf.

Dimensions of the roll goods:

  • Width: 1,250 mm
  • Length: 10,000 mm
  • Area per roll: 12.5 square meters

Building protection mats sold by the meter are available in two qualities (density):

  • Building protection mat - Strong: Density 730 kg/m³
  • (available in 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm)
  • Building protection mat - Extra Strong: Density 850 kg/m³
  • (available in 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm)

The building protection yard goods are sold in rolls with a surface area of 12.5 m² per roll.


Advantages of a building protection mat

  • Protection: Provide effective protection against mechanical stress, damage and pressure on surfaces.
  • Versatility: Versatile use on different surfaces and in different environments.
  • Durability: Robust material for long-lasting protection.
  • Slip resistance: Reduce the risk of slipping and increase safety on smooth surfaces.
  • Insulation: Supports heat and sound insulation, especially when used as an insulating layer.
  • Easy installation: uncomplicated installation, can be cut to size and adapted to different surfaces.
  • Weather resistance: Res istant to moisture, UV rays and extreme temperatures.
  • Easy to clean and maintain for long-term use.
  • Anti-fouling: Prevents the growth of weeds or mold when used as a garden cover.
  • Chemical resistance: Inert to various chemicals.
  • Energy efficiency: Improve energy efficiency through thermal insulation when used as an insulating material.

Areas of application Building protection mat

Anti-slip mat in the trunk or on the loading area

Safety in the trunk: non-slip construction protection mat for safe transportation.
Our construction protection mats not only offer optimum protection on construction sites, but are also unbeatable as anti-slip mats in the trunk or on the loading area of trucks. With their non-slip properties, they ensure that your load remains safe and stable during transportation. Prevent unwanted slipping of objects and protect your vehicle from damage with our anti-slip mats - for a safe and uncomplicated journey.

Anti-slip mat for load securing

Stabilize load: Reliable anti-slip protection for safe transportation.
Secure your load with our reliable anti-slip mats as anti-slip underlays on trucks or trailers. Our anti-slip mats offer excellent slip resistance to stabilize and secure your cargo during transport, preventing it from slipping and ensuring the safe and carefree transportation of your goods.

Building protection mat as a shelf insert

Efficient storage solution: non-slip shelf inserts for organized storage areas.
Optimize your storage areas with our anti-slip mats as ideal shelf inserts. The non-slip properties of our building protection mats not only provide additional stability for your stored items, but also protect surfaces from scratches and damage. With shelving inlays made from building protection mats, you can create a safe and protected environment for your storage needs - for an optimized and long-lasting storage solution.

Anti-slip coating on smooth tiles

Safety on smooth tiles: Anti-slip flooring for safe surfaces.
Increase safety and stability on smooth tiles with our building protection mat as a reliable anti-slip surface. Our rubber granulate anti-slip mats provide excellent adhesion to prevent falls and accidents. Whether in the bathroom, kitchen or other rooms - our non-slip building protection mats ensure a firm footing and minimize the risk of slipping. Invest in extra comfort and safety for your floors with our anti-slip flooring.

Cushioning mat under fitness equipment

Protecting the floor: shock-absorbing mats for fitness equipment.
Improve your workout experience and protect your floors at the same time with our construction protection mats as shock-absorbing mats under fitness equipment. Our rubber construction protection mats provide outstanding shock absorption and reduce noise, vibration and damage to the floor from heavy exercise equipment. Enjoy a quieter and more comfortable training environment while protecting your floors from wear and tear as an ideal base for fitness equipment. The rubber granulate mats on a roll are only suitable as a carpet pad for fitness equipment and not as full-surface floor protection for workout and training areas.

Protective mat under inflatable pools

Protection for the pool: protective mats for safe pool bases.
Provide the perfect foundation for your inflatable pool with our construction protection mats as a protective mat. The construction protection rubber mats provide a reliable barrier between the pool and the surface to prevent damage, abrasion and perforated materials. Whether on concrete, stone or grass - our construction protection mat not only protects your pool, but also protects the substrate from unwanted damage. Enjoy carefree and relaxing pool moments thanks to the robust and protective structure protection mats.

Workplace mat for standing in front of machines and systems

Comfort in the workplace: soft workplace mats for machine areas.
Improve the comfort and safety of your working environment with our construction safety mats as the ideal workplace mat in front of machines and systems. The robust rubber mats provide a soft yet stable base that reduces the strain of prolonged standing and reduces leg fatigue. Whether in workshops, production halls or other work areas - our building protection mats provide the necessary comfort and protection for an efficient and pleasant working environment.

Dirt protection mat in the garden in front of new buildings

Garden construction protection: protective and dirt barriers for the garden.
Protect your garden during construction projects with our construction protection mats as a reliable protective and dirt barrier. The construction protection mats by the meter provide a robust barrier against construction site activities, prevent soil compaction and protect against soiling. Preserve the aesthetics and health of your green spaces - for a carefree and protected garden environment during construction and renovation.

Step protection in horse stables

Horse stable safety: Footfall protection for horse stables and stable floors.
Ensure optimum protection of hooves and floors in horse stables with our construction protection mats as reliable footfall protection. Our rubber mats on a roll provide a cushioning carpet pad that reduces the impact on horses' hooves and protects the floor at the same time. Rely on the protective mats to support the health of your animals and at the same time ensure the longevity of your stable floors.

Building protection mat as a substructure in terrace construction

Stable decking: Underlays for durable decking constructions.
Rely on stability and durability when designing your decking with our structural protection mats as a reliable substructure. Structural protection provides a solid base to compensate for unevenness, distribute the load and protect the decking from moisture. Use our building protection mats to ensure a robust and durable decking construction - for long-lasting enjoyment of your outdoor surface.

Gardening and landscaping as an anti-fouling building protection mat

Weed control: anti-fouling mats for gardens.
Take advantage of the versatile benefits of our construction protection matting in gardening and landscaping as an effective anti-fouling solution. They not only provide protection against unwanted plant growth, but also support healthy soil aeration and drainage to create a well-kept and low-maintenance garden - for a long-lasting beautiful outdoor area without pesky weeds.

Anti-vibration mat, e.g. under washing machine or dryer

Noise insulation in the home: anti-vibration mats for peace and quiet in the house.
Ensure peace and stability in your home with our building protection mats as anti-vibration underlays under washing machines or dryers. The rubber mats absorb vibrations and reduce annoying noises caused by household appliances to create a quieter and more pleasant living environment - for more comfort in everyday life without annoying sources of noise.

Temporary protection during work or events

Temporary protection: protection for sensitive floors and stairs.
Protect sensitive floors and stairs during work or events with our building protection mats as reliable temporary protection. The building protection provides a robust barrier against construction site activities or heavy loads to prevent damage. This allows you to protect your valuable floors and stairs from temporary loads - for carefree execution of work processes or events without lasting damage.

Construction and insulation of roofs, flat roof waterproofing

Roof insulation: Effective mats for better roof insulation.
Optimize the construction and insulation of your roofs with our building protection mats as reliable protection and insulation. They serve as an effective separating layer, whether under gravel fill, green roofs or the installation of solar systems, to protect the roof waterproofing and improve thermal insulation. Use building protection mats to create a stable and well-insulated roof - for an efficient and protected building.

Building protection mat for sealing balconies and terraces

Terrace waterproofing: Reliable protection against moisture for outdoor areas.
Protect your balconies and terraces effectively against moisture and damage with our building protection mats as a reliable seal. These rubber granulate mats provide a secure barrier against moisture penetration, protect against wear and tear and extend the service life of your outdoor areas. Rely on the quality of our building protection mats for long-lasting protection and preservation of your balconies and terraces - for carefree moments outdoors.

Laying the building protection mat

Laying building protection mats on rolls is a straightforward process that provides a solid protective layer for various surfaces. These rubber protection mats are versatile and can be used on different substrates to protect against damage, moisture or pressure loads. With a few simple steps, these mats can be installed effectively and quickly to create a safe and protected environment.

  • Step 1: Preparing the substrate
    Before laying the building protection mat, it is important to clean the substrate and remove any dirt, dust or moisture. Make sure that the surface is even and dry.
  • Step 2: Cutting the building protection mat to size
    Measure the required length of the building protection mat on the roll and cut it accordingly. Use a sharp carpet knife to achieve precise cuts.
  • Step 3: Rolling out the building protection mat
    Carefully lay the cut building protection mat on the prepared surface. Start at the edge and slowly roll out the mat. Press the rubber mat down firmly to ensure good adhesion.
  • Step 4: Fixing the corners and edges
    Fix the corners and edges of the building protection mat to prevent it from slipping. If necessary, you can use double-sided adhesive tape or special fastening elements to fix the rubber granules securely in place.
  • Step 5: Overlaps and adjustments
    When laying several sheets, the building protection rolls should overlap slightly to ensure a continuous protective layer. If adjustments are necessary, you can carefully cut the roll goods to size and lay them precisely.
  • Step 6: Finishing work
    After installation, check the entire surface for any gaps or insufficiently covered areas. Correct if necessary and additionally secure the edges to ensure even and effective coverage.

Important instructions for laying building protection mats:

  • Make sure that the selected building protection mat meets the requirements of the intended use (e.g. density, thickness).
  • When fixing the building protection mat, make sure that it is firmly attached to the floor but can still be easily removed if necessary.
  • Read our detailed installation guide carefully before installation to achieve optimum results and avoid possible mistakes.

Mit diesen Schritten können Sie eine Bautenschutzmatte auf Rolle erfolgreich und effektiv verlegen, um den gewünschten Schutz für Ihren Boden oder Ihr Bauprojekt zu gewährleisten.


1,250 mm / 125 cm / 1.25 m


10,000 mm / 100 cm / 10 m


6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm

Surface area

12,5 m²


730 kg/m³ (Strong) or 850 kg/m³ (Extra Strong)


SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) rubber granules - PU bonded

Fire class

Efl (normal flammability; B2) - EN 13501

Dimensional tolerance

Length x width +/- 1.5% - Thickness +/- 5%

Areas of application (thickness)

6 mm: level substrate and flat roofs
8 to 10 mm: uneven substrate, garage roof, green roof areas
Thickness 15 mm: heavy-duty applications


CrossFloor® specializes in high-quality flooring solutions for sports and fitness facilities. With years of experience, we offer optimized flooring systems for functional, weight-lifting, cardio and free weight areas, among others.

In the CrossFloor external warehouse, more than 20,000 m² of floor coverings are continuously available for immediate dispatch. This means we can guarantee fast delivery times, even for urgent projects. The maximum delivery time for floor protection mats not in stock is 2-3 weeks.

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