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FItbase Heidelberg - Hyrox Area artificial turf

Fitbase Heidelberg

Artificial turf for Hyrox courses

In the dynamic world of functional training, the constant evolution of training spaces is essential in order to meet the requirements and wishes of sports enthusiasts. An outstanding example of this development is our latest project for our valued customer Fitbase Heidelberg. Through creative collaboration, we have succeeded in creating a customized and innovative training environment that not only pushes the physical limits of the exercisers, but also sets a visual highlight.

At the heart of this project is the installation of a 13×6 meter artificial turf specially designed for the HYROX course area. This unique element not only serves as the visual centerpiece of the space, but also provides the perfect foundation for sled push and pull exercises that can be performed on four lanes simultaneously. The choice of artificial turf for this purpose reflects the desire to provide an authentic training experience that is also easy on the joints.

In order to perfectly match the project to our customer, the artificial turf was designed with the customer logo and in the individual design of Fitbase Heidelberg, incorporating the colors of the corporate identity. This personalized touch underlines Fitbase's brand identity and creates a strong visual connection between the training room and the corporate image.

About the project
Client: Fitbase - Location: Heidelberg - Website:

Fitbase - Logo


Objective: Strengthening the brand identity through individual design in the colors of the corporate identity and with the Fitbase customer logo.

Artificial turf HYROX Area - Design draft

Conception and brainstorming

The creative process began with a brainstorming and intensive conceptualization phase that focused on Fitbase Heidelberg's vision and goals. During this phase, the specific artificial turf requirements for a HYROX course surface were discussed, including the desired number of options for sled push and pull exercises as well as aesthetic preferences in terms of colors and design. Emphasis was placed on developing a concept that would reinforce Fitbase's brand identity and create an inviting workout experience.

Creation of the artificial turf design

Based on the findings of the concept phase, our design team created the first drafts for the artificial turf. These drafts included the individual customer design, the integration of the logo and the adaptation to Fitbase's corporate identity colors. In this step, there was a close exchange with the customer to ensure that the design met their expectations and that adjustments could be made if necessary.

During the creative process, the first design for the 13×6 meter artificial turf for the HYROX area proved to be a hit, which underlines the quality and goal orientation of the collaboration between us and Fitbase. This success was the result of in-depth preparatory work and a precise understanding of Fitbase's brand values and functional requirements.

The initial design brief presented seamlessly integrated the logo and the client's individual design, taking into account Fitbase's corporate identity. This attention to customization reflected not only our high level of design expertise, but also a commitment to reflecting the client's identity and values in every aspect of the project.

The positive response to the first artificial turf design confirmed the effective communication and mutual understanding between the two parties. It showed that a careful analysis of the customer's needs and close collaboration in the design process are essential in order to create customized solutions that are both aesthetically and functionally convincing.

Premium quality Made in Europe

The choice of material for the HYROX Sled-Plush and Pull Area plays a decisive role in the longevity and functionality of the training surface. Artificial turf with a high density and reinforced backing is the first choice here. We attach great importance to high-quality materials that are both hard-wearing and environmentally friendly. The materials are carefully selected and subjected to stringent quality testing in order to meet the customer's high demands and usage requirements.

Implementation and installation

Once the design and choice of material have been finalized, the implementation phase begins. The artificial turf is manufactured with the utmost precision in order to realize the individual design down to the last detail. The installation of the artificial turf on the HYROX course surface requires a high level of expertise and was carried out by experienced specialists on the customer side. Particular care is taken to ensure that the artificial turf is laid perfectly and firmly bonded to the surface to guarantee optimum training conditions.

Fine-tuning and completion

Once the artificial turf has been installed, it is carefully checked and fine-tuned. This includes checking the installation, checking the markings and logos and adjusting the surrounding areas, as well as integrating puzzle floor protection mats. The aim was to create a seamless and functional training area that not only met technical but also visual requirements. The completion of the project resulted in a bespoke solution that impressively represents the Fitbase Heidelberg brand and offers exercisers a unique training experience.

The popularity and rush of members to the HYROX courses confirmed the successful integration of the new training area. This successful implementation has laid the foundation for a long-term and successful collaboration, which has already resulted in the implementation of further locations in Mannheim and Bensheim.


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