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Artificial turf sprint track - Sport & fitness with markings

Artificial turf made to measure with logo

Custom - Turf - Artificial turf

Artificial turf: Design and performance in perfection

Discover the CROSSFLOOR made-to-measure artificial turf with logo: the ultimate solution for demanding weightlifting training, designed to withstand the most extreme demands. Integrating the most advanced production technologies and using only the highest quality materials, this artificial turf guarantees exceptional durability and impressive longevity.

Nowadays, design is becoming increasingly important in modern fitness studios. The CROSSFLOOR Custom Turf opens up unimagined possibilities for designing the training area entirely according to your own individual ideas. Whether integrating your own logo or an artificial turf with individual markings - we set no limits to creativity.

Transform your gym into a real feel-good oasis that not only impresses with its functionality, but is also a visual highlight. Discover now how custom-made artificial turf can take your training experience and the aesthetics of your gym to a new level.

Excerpt of our customers with customized artificial turf with logo

Artificial turf - Reference - CrossFit WuppertalArtificial turf - Reference - FITSEVENELEVENArtificial turf - Reference - CrossFit LangenfeldArtificial turf - Reference - CrossFit Basalt StrengthArtificial turf - Reference - CrossFit HamminkelnArtificial turf - Reference - Muscle acheArtificial turf - Reference - CrossFit with gustoArtificial turf - Reference - Blackband Athletics

Custom - Turf - Artificial turf

"Create your own design"

Our quality


With over 80,000 fibers per square meter, which are produced fully automatically in Europe using the latest technologies, our artificial turf offers exceptional density and quality. Careful manual inspection of every turf surface produced guarantees the highest quality standards.

Our artificial turf surfaces are characterized by the use of extremely UV-resistant polyethylene fibres that are densely woven onto a robust base of SBR latex. This high fiber density not only provides excellent grip, but also exceptional comfort for floor exercises that require high resistance.

The durability and extraordinary resistance of our artificial turf are guaranteed by the high-quality materials and the complete weaving of the fibers. Individual design elements such as markings, logos and numbers are also integrated directly into the artificial turf - for a durable and precise finish without the need for subsequent color applications or gluing.

Maximum training effectiveness

Thanks to the outstanding quality of the materials, the exceptional density and the precise manufacturing processes, our artificial turf creates optimum conditions for effective workouts in the gym that will continue to impress for years to come.

These features provide an unsurpassed level of resistance for high friction exercises, as is typically the case with weight sled training. For activities that require maximum force development, such as sled pull or sled push, this synthetic turf was not only designed, but specifically developed and manufactured.

In addition, the dense nature of the artificial turf allows for pleasant and efficient training for sprints as well as mobility and stretching exercises."

Indoor and outdoor

Our Turfs are characterized by their outstanding UV resistance, making them the perfect artificial turf for both outdoor areas and indoor spaces with intense sunlight. The placement of the artificial turf, whether next to a window or in a sun-exposed location, has no influence on its color fastness. Discoloration or fading due to UV rays are no longer an issue, even after many years of use.

Create your own Turf Design

With a choice of 16 different colors, we also offer you the opportunity to create your own individual design. This is not limited to the choice of colors and the addition of your logo. The turf can be designed according to your ideas with complex marking lines and patterns. Our design team will be happy to help you realize your specific design wishes.

Personalize your own made-to-measure artificial turf with logo

Our procedure

Receipt of the customer request

The start of your journey to a bespoke artificial turf is marked by contacting our team. In this initial conversation, we carefully discuss your ideas and requirements. A key aspect of this phase is discussing the customization options that will make your artificial turf unique. Whether it's integrating your company logo or customizing the design to reflect your brand or personal style, our goal is to turn your vision into reality.

During the initial contact, the specific requirements for the artificial turf are discussed, including the size of the area, preferred colors and type of use, to ensure that the final product is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional for your needs. The ability to incorporate your own logo or special design elements is paramount. We attach great importance to ensuring that the artificial turf carries your individual touch and blends seamlessly into the overall look of your facility.

Through this personal consultation and the detailed analysis of your wishes, we lay the foundation for an artificial turf that not only impresses in terms of quality and durability, but also represents a visual extension of your brand.

Advice and design proposal

Once we have recorded your initial requirements and wishes during the initial contact, the second step of our collaboration follows: an in-depth consultation and the creation of an initial design proposal. In this phase, we devote ourselves entirely to the individual design of your artificial turf to ensure that it exactly meets your expectations.

Our team of experts will provide you with comprehensive advice on the wide range of design options offered by our high-quality artificial turf. From choosing from 16 vibrant colors to the precise integration of your own logo or specific markings and patterns, we will show you how your ideas can become reality. This stage is crucial to incorporate your personal or brand flair into the design and create a truly unique training or presentation area.

As soon as your wishes and the design direction are clearly defined, our design team gets to work. With creativity and technical know-how, they create an initial draft that reflects your individual ideas. This proposal serves as a starting point for further discussions in which we fine-tune every detail together with you.

Our aim in this step is not only to create an aesthetically pleasing design, but also to ensure that the end product meets your functional requirements. Whether for intensive training sessions, as a prestigious space for your business or as a multi-purpose space, we strive to realize your vision with maximum precision. By working closely with you throughout the design process, we guarantee that the final result will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Design development and approval

The third step on the way to your individual artificial turf is characterized by intensive work on the design development up to the final approval. After we have recorded your ideas during the consultation and created an initial draft, the next phase is the fine-tuning and perfecting of the design.

Through an iterative process of adapting and refining designs, you are given the opportunity to provide feedback and make changes. This ensures that the final design reflects exactly what you had in mind. It is important to us that you find yourself in every detail and that the result is a perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality .

As soon as you are completely satisfied and the design is in its final form, you approve it. This approval is the crucial moment when your visionary design becomes reality. With your approval, we begin production of the artificial turf, applying the highest standards of quality and precision in order to realize your vision exactly.

Production of the artificial turf

After the final approval of your individual design, the fourth step on the way to your perfectly customized artificial turf begins: the production process. In this phase, we transform your carefully planned design into a physical product. The focus is on the precise implementation of your specifications while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Adaptation of the specifications: First, all details and specifications for production are customized. This includes the dimensions, colors, markings and the integrated logo, which are manufactured exactly according to your wishes. Our advanced production technology enables us to realize even the most complex designs with exceptional precision.

Use of the latest production technologies: We rely on the latest technologies in artificial turf production to ensure that every detail of your design is implemented precisely. From fiber production to turf finishing, we use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure consistently high quality.

Quality control: Comprehensive quality control is an essential part of our production process. Each stage of production is carefully monitored to ensure that the end product meets our strict quality criteria. Before your artificial turf leaves our factory, it undergoes a final inspection to ensure that it meets your exact specifications and the highest quality standards.

Through these careful steps in the production process, we ensure that your individually designed artificial turf is not only visually impressive, but also impresses in terms of durability, functionality and comfort. We pride ourselves on delivering a product that is tailored to your needs and enhances your space in a unique way.

Logistics and delivery

Once your individually designed artificial turf has been produced with the utmost care, the fifth step comes into effect: logistics and delivery. In this phase, our focus is on getting your artificial turf to your desired location safely and efficiently. We place great importance on careful planning and communication to ensure a smooth delivery.

Planning the delivery date: We understand that timing is everything, especially when it comes to completing projects. That's why we work closely with you to determine a delivery date that meets your requirements. Our aim is to offer maximum flexibility and ensure that the artificial grass arrives exactly when you need it.

Safe packaging: To protect the quality of your artificial grass during transportation, we attach great importance to safe packaging. We use robust materials and techniques specifically designed to protect the artificial grass from damage, moisture and other potential risks during delivery

Shipping organization: With the help of a network of trustworthy logistics partners, we organize the shipping of your artificial turf. We choose the most efficient and safest transportation route to guarantee a punctual and undamaged delivery. Throughout the process, we stay in close contact with you and our partners to ensure a smooth process and to keep you informed about the status of your delivery.

The logistics and delivery of your bespoke artificial grass is more than just a final step for us - it's a central part of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We do everything we can to ensure that your artificial grass arrives safely, on time and in perfect condition so that you can start installing it straight away and enjoy your new space to the full.

Installation and final acceptance

The sixth step on the way to your customized artificial turf offers flexibility in terms of installation - you have the choice of having it installed by our professional team or opting to install it yourself.

Professional installation by our team: For customers who prefer a worry-free solution, we offer a complete, professional installation. Our experienced team guarantees a quick and efficient installation of your artificial turf, with every detail handled with the utmost care. Once installation is complete, we provide detailed instructions on the care and maintenance of your artificial grass and are on hand for the final inspection to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Self-installation: We understand that some customers want to take the installation of their artificial turf into their own hands. Be it for cost reasons or because they have a specific installation project in mind. For these cases, we provide detailed instructions and supporting materials to guide you through the installation process. In addition, our experts are on hand to offer advice and support by phone or email should help be needed during installation.

Regardless of the installation method chosen, our aim is for you to be highly satisfied with the result. We attach great importance to ensuring that your artificial turf is not only a product of the highest quality, but is also perfectly integrated into your space and gives you long-term pleasure.


Colour choice

With a colour selection of 16 different colours (max. 6 colours per artificial turf design), you can create your desired design according to your corporate identity.

Fitness Artificial Turf - Black


Fitness Artificial Turf - Anthracite


Fitness Artificial Turf - Light Grey

Light grey

Fitness Artificial Turf - Off White


Fitness Artificial Turf - White

Off White

Fitness Artificial Turf - Moss Green


Fitness Artificial Turf - Blue


Fitness Artificial Turf - Aqua Blue

Sky Blue

Fitness Artificial Turf - Sky Blue

Aqua Blue

Fitness Artificial Turf - Purple


Fitness Artificial Turf - Red


Fitness Artificial Turf - Pink


Fitness Artificial Turf - Orange


Fitness Artificial Turf - Yellow


Fitness Artificial Turf - Brown


Fitness Artificial Turf - Gold



We understand the importance of tailor-made flexibility for your training area and therefore offer customization of the dimensions of your artificial turf to the specific needs of your gym. Our production line is designed for standard widths of 2 or 4 meters, with the option of roll lengths of up to 40 meters, while the total height of the artificial turf (fibers plus backing) is 16 mm.

For those who require a specific width outside of our standard dimensions, our advanced manufacturing technology allows for precise customization down to the centimeter. This ensures that your artificial turf fits perfectly in the designated area and complements your training surface perfectly.

Standard dimensions:

  • Width: 2 m or 4 m (deviating on request)
  • Length: up to 40 m (deviating on request)
  • Height: 16 mm (fibres + backing)


Fibre material 100% polyethyleen
DTEX 5,500 DTex (±5%)
Manufacturing process Woven
Backing Polypropylene (reinforced with fleece)
UV resistance 1.000 KLY
Warranty 2 years

Technical properties

Fibre length 15 mm (±5%)
Fibre weight 1,850 gr/m² (±10%)
Number of fibres 81.900/m² (±10%)

Artificial turf - Structure

Turf - Artificial turf - Composition

Fibres and primary backing
The fibres of the artificial turf are woven into the primary backing. The high quality of the materials used are very durable and extremely wear-resistant.

Simple and easy installation
The thin and flexible primary backing facilitates handling and installation. It has a significantly improved adaptability to uneven floors during installation.

Selected customer projects: Artificial turf with customized logo

EasyFitness Nienburg

Location: NIenburg - Total area: 300 m²

At EasyFitness Nienburg, sports enthusiasts can look forward to a unique training opportunity: a high-quality artificial turf measuring 2 x 10.4 meters. This artificial turf was specially developed for demanding weightlifting training. The color design in the EasyFitness CI colors and the logo integration strengthen the club's brand image.

The special structure and quality of the artificial turf ensures optimum conditions so that training can be both intensive and safe. With this new equipment, EasyFitness Nienburg is setting new standards for the fitness experience and offering members an exceptional training attraction.

Fitbase Heidelberg

Location: Heidelberg - Total area: 300 m²

A special attraction awaits sports enthusiasts at Fitbase Heidelberg: the HYROX Area, which has been equipped with a 6 x 13 meter artificial turf. This high-quality artificial turf was specially designed for demanding weightlifting training and divided into four lanes to enable effective and versatile training for four people at the same time.

A particular highlight is the integration of the logo directly into the artificial turf, which adds a personal touch. In addition, the customer's CI colors reflect the brand's own design and create a visually appealing and motivating training environment.

Noir Boutique Gym

Location: Berlin - Total area: 240 m²

The Noir Boutique Gym sets new standards with its unusual design concept. A highlight of this exclusive gym is the custom-made 2 x 20 meter artificial turf with logo, which fits perfectly into the stylish, dark interior. The choice of black, gold and white colors not only gives the room a sophisticated atmosphere, but also underlines the exclusivity and high-quality ambience of the Noir Boutique Gym.

Particularly eye-catching is the striking logo integrated in the middle of the artificial turf, which emphasizes the gym's strong brand identity and also serves as a central element of the design. The Noir Boutique Gym proves that fitness and aesthetics can go hand in hand to offer an outstanding training experience.

The Castle Gym

Location: Freisen - Total area: 500 m²

At The Castle Gym in Freisen, a special feature stands out: a custom-made 2 x 10 meter artificial turfthat was specially designed for the gym. This artificial turf impresses with its elegant black and white color scheme, which not only ensures a timeless design, but also underlines the dynamism and energy in the room.

The training area is given a special touch by the integration of the logo in the starting area of the artificial turf. This detail not only enhances the aesthetics, but also strengthens the brand identity of The Castle Gym. Through the careful selection of colors and the integration of the logo, the artificial turf becomes a central element that reflects the philosophy and ambience of the gym.

Trias CrossFit & Athletics

Location: Düsseldorf - Total area: 500 m²

At Trias CrossFit & Athletik, a bespoke installation highlights the training area: a 2 x 10 meter artificial turf specifically designed for the needs of athletic training. The carefully selected color palette of black, grey and white gives the space a modern yet functional feel that perfectly matches the energetic and focused atmosphere of the studio.

Special attention is paid to the integration of the logo in the central area of the artificial turf. By incorporating the corporate identity font into the design, a consistent and brand-specific visual experience is also ensured, which underlines the studio's recognition value.

12Nullacht Performance CrossFit

Location: Wandlitz - Total area: 500 m²

At 12Nullacht Performance CrossFit, the training experience has been taken to a new level with a custom-built 2 x 15 meter artificial turf surface. This carefully designed training surface stands out with its black, grey and white color scheme, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also perfectly matches the dynamic and energetic atmosphere of the CrossFit studio.

A special highlight of this customized artificial turf installation is the logo prominently placed in the starting area. This targeted integration not only increases the visibility and recognition value of the 12Nullacht Performance CrossFit brand, but also serves as a source of inspiration and motivation boost for members.

CrossFit off the heights

Location: Friedrichsdorf - Total area: 500 m²

At CrossFit vor der Höhe, a custom-made artificial turf stands out as the central element of the training area. With its special dimensions of 1.33 x 18 meters, it adapts perfectly to the available space. The black, red and white color scheme gives the training area a dynamic and powerful look.

A carefully planned placement of the logo in the center area of the artificial turf makes it a prominent focal point of the training area and reinforces the identity and sense of community of CrossFit vor der Höhe. The size and positioning of the logo helps to create an inspiring atmosphere where members are motivated to push their limits and grow together.

Skillhall Hilden

Location: Hilden - Total area: 450 m²

The Skillhall Hilden stands out with its custom-made artificial turf, which was specially produced to meet the needs and design of the studio. Spread over 2 x 15 meters, the artificial turf is in vibrant colors of aqua blue and white, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere. This color scheme not only provides a visually appealing contrast to the otherwise dark training area, but also blends seamlessly into the interior design of Skillhall Hilden.

The focal point of this artificial turf surface is the customer's large-scale integrated logo, which significantly strengthens the brand presence and, as a central element, promotes a sense of belonging and identification with Skillhall Hilden.

Superilla Münster

Location: Hilden - Total area: 380 m²

At Superilla, visitors experience a training area that is unique in its design and inspiration. A custom-made artificial turf has been laid over a 2 x 15 meter area, which shines in fresh colors of green and white. But what really makes Superilla stand out is the continuous "New York" theme, which is reflected in every detail of the area.

The creative vision behind this design was to bring the vibrant lifestyle of New York City directly into training. This idea was also expressed in the design of the artificial turf, with the markings specifically designed to resemble the markings on the New York subway lines.

CrossFit Basalt Strength

Location: Westerburg - Total area: 450 m²

A high-quality artificial turf measuring 2 x 15 meters was carefully laid in light grey, black and white to create a modern yet functional training environment. This color palette was specifically chosen to harmonize with the colors of the training equipment, creating a cohesive and appealing overall look.

The CrossFit Basaltkraft logo is located in the starting area of the artificial turf and strengthens the brand presence right at the heart of the training area. This well thought-out integration of the logo not only promotes identification with the studio, but also serves as a motivating anchor point for the athletes.


CrossFloor® specializes in high-quality flooring solutions for sports and fitness facilities. With years of experience, we offer optimized flooring systems for functional, weight-lifting, cardio and free weight areas, among others.

In the CrossFloor external warehouse, more than 20,000 m² of floor coverings are continuously available for immediate dispatch. This means we can guarantee fast delivery times, even for urgent projects. The maximum delivery time for floor protection mats not in stock is 2-3 weeks.

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