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X2.CRF-Q5 - Fall protection mat with HIC certificate - Thickness: 30 to 60 mm - Square with honeycomb system - 50 x 50 cm or 100 x 100 cm

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The X2.CRF-Q5 fall protection mats are exactly what you need. Developed with the utmost care and precision, these high-quality fall protection mats not only offer outstanding protection against falls, but are also HIC (Head Injury Criterion) certified, confirming their effectiveness and quality.

Ideal for schools, kindergartens, public playgrounds and sports facilities, our fall protection mats offer a durable and reliable safety solution that minimizes the risk of injury.

Certified according to DIN 1177:2018

  • Thickness 30 mm: Drop height 110 cm
  • Thickness 40 mm: Drop height 140 cm
  • Thickness 50 mm: Drop height 160 cm
  • Thickness 60 mm: Drop height 180 cm
Fall protection mats Specifications
Material SBR granules + EPDM top layer
Production Made in Europe
Dimensions 100 cm x 100 cm or 50 x 50 cm
Strength 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm
Granule size 0.8-2.0 mm
Intrinsic density 1,000-1,100 kg/m³
Temperature tolerance +/- 2,5%
Dimensional tolerance +/- 1,5%
Starch tolerance +/- 2 mm
Technical properties
Shock absorption 61% (EN 14808)
HIC (Head Injury Criterion) certified according to EN 1177
Non-slip dry condition ≤105 PTV (PN-EN 13036-4:2004)
Fire class EN 13501-1 Efl-s1
Impact sound insulation 25 dB (40 mm thickness) - NBN EN ISO 17025:2005
Hardness level 55 up to 75 (PN-ISO 868 PN-93 / C-04206)

Safe play area: fall protection mats with HIC certificate

In today's fast-paced world, where the safety of our children and the quality of the facilities in which they spend their time are of paramount importance, fall protection mats play a crucial role. This introduction will introduce you to the world of safety matt ing, a product that not only stands out for its outstanding quality and safety, but also for its versatile applications in various areas such as nurseries, schools, public playgrounds and sports facilities.

The importance of safety on play and sports surfaces cannot be overestimated. Every year, countless accidents occur that could be avoided by using high-quality fall protection mats. The X2.CRF-Q5 fall protection mats represent a revolutionary development in this context, as they not only offer effective protection, but also stand out thanks to their HIC (Head Injury Criterion) certification. This certification is proof of the fall protection mats' ability to absorb impact energy and thus significantly reduce the risk of head injuries.

Our focus is not only to introduce you to a product, but also to give you a comprehensive understanding of the importance and applicability of fall protection solutions. We want you to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to ensuring the safety of the environments where children and adults play and exercise. Choosing the right fall protection mats can be critical to preventing injuries and creating a safe playing field that allows for enjoyment and physical activity without the worry of accidents.

In the following sections of this guide, we will dive deeper into the technical specifications of fall protection mats, explore their many uses and discuss important considerations for selecting and maintaining this essential safety equipment.

Areas of application for X2.CRF-Q5 fall protection mats

The fall protection mats are not just a product; they are a comprehensive solution aimed at ensuring safety and protection in various environments. These fall protection mats are used in a variety of areas where there is a risk of falls and injuries. Below, the main areas of application are highlighted in detail to understand how these innovative fall protection mats can contribute to the safety and well-being of users.

  • Fall protection mats for kindergartens and schools

    In kindergartens and schools, the safety of children is a top priority. The fall protection mats for nurseries and schools offer a robust and reliable solution to improve safety in play and learning environments. They minimize the risk of injury by providing a soft surface that absorbs impact energy from falls. This is particularly important in areas where children climb, slide and play, as these activities carry an increased risk of falls. By installing these mats, educational facilities can create a safe environment that encourages free play while minimizing the risk of injury.

  • Fall protection mats for public playgrounds

    Public playgrounds are places of fun and laughter, but they also harbor potential risks for children. Playground safety mats are ideal for these environments as they meet and exceed safety standards. Their HIC certification guarantees that they can effectively protect against head injuries caused by falls from a height. The use of these mats in playgrounds demonstrates the community's commitment to children's safety and provides parents with an added level of confidence when their children are playing.

  • Fall protection mats for sports facilities

    In sports facilities, where activities often involve fast movements and intensive physical contact, protection against injuries is essential. The fall protection mats offer an excellent solution to increase safety in these areas. Not only are they resistant to the stresses of sports activities, but they also provide optimal cushioning to minimize the impact of falls. Whether in indoor sports centers or outdoor fitness areas, these fall protection tiles help to create a safe training environment that supports the health and well-being of athletes.

  • Fall protection mats for private gardens

    Fall protection slabs are also used in private gardens. Families who have play equipment such as swings, slides or climbing frames in their garden can benefit from the additional safety provided by these fall protection mats. They are a simple and effective measure to increase safety in your own garden and ensure that the fun of playing is not spoiled by injuries. The mats are also weatherproof and durable, making them an ideal choice for outdoor use.

The areas of application for the X2.CRF-Q5 fall protection mats are diverse and underline the importance of this innovative safety solution. Through their use in various environments, they make a significant contribution to improving the safety and well-being of users. They are an essential element in any space where protection and safety are paramount.

Why fall protection is important

The importance of fall protection cannot be overemphasized in today's world, where outdoor activities and physical exercise are highly valued. Protection from falls and the associated reduction in the risk of injury are key concerns for public playgrounds, schools, sports facilities and even private gardens. This section takes a closer look at the importance of fall protection measures, underpinned by statistics and psychological aspects.

  • Statistics on playground injuries

    Every year, thousands of children worldwide are treated for accidents in playgrounds. A significant proportion of these accidents are due to falls, which can lead to serious injuries. Studies show that an appropriate fall protection surface can significantly reduce the severity of injuries. Fall protection mats, with their HIC certification, play a crucial role in preventing such injuries by providing a safe surface that effectively absorbs impact forces.

  • Psychological aspects of security

    In addition to the physical effects, safety on playgrounds and sports grounds also has a psychological dimension. A safe environment promotes a feeling of security in children and encourages them to move and explore freely. This is of great importance for their physical and cognitive development. Parents and caregivers can have peace of mind knowing that the play environment is equipped with high-quality fall protection mats, resulting in a more positive and relaxed atmosphere.

  • The role of fall protection mats

    Installing fall protection mats such as the X2.CRF '-Q5 is an essential step in creating safe play and sports environments. These fall protection tiles not only provide protection against injuries, but also contribute to the aesthetic enhancement of the environment. Their durability and resistance to weather conditions make them a sustainable investment in the safety and well-being of users.

The importance of fall protection cannot be measured by statistics and standards alone; it is also reflected in the smiling faces of children and the satisfaction of parents. By providing a safe environment, supported by products such as fall protection mats, we help to lay the foundations for healthy development and carefree play.

Legal requirements and certificates

In the world of fall protection, legal requirements and certificates play a decisive role. They ensure that products such as the X2.CRF-Q5 fall protection mats not only promise, but actually offer a high level of safety and quality. This section highlights the most important aspects of the standards and certificates that are relevant for fall protection mats and explains why they are so important for buyers, users and operators.

  • Overview of relevant standards

    There are various standards worldwide that define the safety requirements for playgrounds and sports grounds. In Europe, for example, EN 1176 is relevant for playground equipment and EN 1177 for fall protection surfaces. These standards define the minimum safety requirements, including the shock-absorbing properties of fall protection materials. Compliance with these standards is essential to ensure the safety of users and to meet legal obligations.

  • Significance of the HIC certificate

    The Head Injury Criterion (HIC) is a measurement that indicates how well a surface absorbs impact energy and thus minimizes the risk of head injuries. An HIC certificate for fall protection mats such as the X2 CRF Q5 confirms that the product has performed excellently in tests under real-life conditions. This certificate is an important quality feature that creates confidence among buyers and users, as it shows that the product has passed stringent safety tests.

  • Relevance for buyers and operators

    For operators of playgrounds and sports grounds, complying with legal requirements and purchasing certified products is not an option, but a necessity. By selecting products that comply with current standards and certifications, they can not only ensure the safety of users, but also protect themselves from legal consequences. Certificates such as the HIC provide a solid basis for decision-making, as they represent an independent confirmation of product quality.

Observing the legal requirements and understanding the importance of certificates such as the HIC are essential for anyone investing in the safety of playgrounds and sports fields. The fall protection mats not only meet these high standards, but also set new benchmarks. By choosing certified and standard-compliant fall protection mats, operators and buyers actively contribute to a safe and positive environment in which children and adults can play and exercise without worry.

Weight 38 kg



30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm


Outdoor fitness areas, playgrounds and much more.

Temperature tolerance

+/- 2,5%

Starch tolerance

+/- 2 mm

Dimensional tolerance

+/- 1,5%

Fire class

EN 13501-1 Efl-s1


100 x 100 cm, 50 x 50 cm


Green, black, brick red


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