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Artificial turf - Track Turf

Artificial turf - Specifications

Basic Turf

This single-colour fitness artificial turf is made of short fibres and is suitable for fitness, mobility and weight sled training. The "Basic" line is the affordable alternative to artificial turf with markings.

from €699.00

incl. 19% VAT

Fitness Artificial Turf - Basic Turf

Track Turf

The fibres of the turf are fully woven and extremely durable. The markings and numbers are also woven in and not superficially dyed or glued in. Perfectly suited for sled or sprint training.

from €1,099.00

incl. 19% VAT

Fitness Artificial Turf - Track Turf

Premium Turf

In the "Premium-Turf" line, all fibres are fully woven. Compared to the "Track-Turf" line, it has more elaborate markings and thus offers even more possibilities and a very appealing design. Bestselling Turf!

from €1,599.00

incl. 19% VAT

Fitness Artificial Turf - Premium Turf

Custom Turf

The "Custom-Turf" is one of our bestsellers among the sports & fitness artificial turf. With the combination of up to 3 different colours and your own desired design, it is the choice for all design lovers.

Price on demand

incl. 19% VAT

Fitness Artificial Turf - Custom Turf

Excerpt of our customers with Custom Design artificial turf

Artificial turf - Reference - CrossFit WuppertalArtificial turf - Reference - FITSEVENELEVENArtificial turf - Reference - CrossFit LangenfeldArtificial turf - Reference - CrossFit Basalt StrengthArtificial turf - Reference - CrossFit HamminkelnArtificial turf - Reference - Muscle acheArtificial turf - Reference - CrossFit with gustoArtificial turf - Reference - Blackband Athletics

Custom - Turf - Artificial turf




The extremely dense artificial turf is 100% machine-produced in Europe with over 80,000 fibres per m² using the latest technology. A subsequent manual quality control of each manufactured turf ensures the highest standards of quality.

The extremely strong and very UV-resistant polyethylene fibres are woven in extremely high density on a resistant carrier surface consisting of SBR latex. In addition, the high density of the fibres ensures unparalleled grip and excellent comfort when performing high resistance floor exercises.

The fully woven fibres and the high quality of the materials used result in extremely high resistance and a very long service life. Markings, logos and numbers are also woven into the artificial turf in elaborate machine production and are not subsequently dyed or cut out and glued in.

Maximum training effectiveness

Due to the high quality of the materials used, the extremely high density and the precise production, the artificial turf offers the best conditions for effective training sessions in the gym for years to come.

These properties guarantee the best resistance level for exercises with large frictional forces as they occur during training with weight sleds. Maximum push and pull with heavy weight (as in sled-pull, sled-push) - the artificial turf is not only designed for this - but developed and manufactured for it!

The high density of the artificial turf also enables comfortable and effective sprint training, as well as mobility and stretch exercises.

Indoor and outdoor

The increased UV resistance makes our Turfs the ideal artificial grass for outdoor areas or indoor facilities with direct sunlight. It doesn't matter whether the artificial turf is laid next to a window or under direct sunlight. Fading or discolouration due to UV radiation, even after years, are a thing of the past.

Create your own Turf Design

In addition to the choice of 16 different colours, we make it possible to produce your own desired design. This is not only limited to a choice of colours and logo implementation. The turf can be designed with elaborate marking areas and patterns according to your wishes. Our design team will be happy to create your desired design.

CrossFloor® is a brand of HOLD STRONG and specializes in high-quality flooring solutions for sports and fitness facilities. With years of experience, we offer optimized floor systems for functional, weight-lifting, cardio and free weight areas, among others.

In the CrossFloor external warehouse, more than 20,000 m² of floor coverings are continuously available for immediate dispatch. This means we can guarantee fast delivery times, even for urgent projects. The maximum delivery time for floor protection mats not in stock is 2-3 weeks.

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