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Fitness floor made of rubber granulate

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Welcome to the world of fitness floors at

Fitness areas require flooring that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also meets the requirements of different types of training. Our fitness flooring is specifically designed for functional training areas, weight lifting, free weights and cardio areas to ensure optimal performance, safety and versatility.

Features that convince

All fitness floors offer a combination of robustness, cushioning and functionality. The fitness floor is designed to withstand the demands of intense fitness routines while creating a floor that ensures the comfort and safety of users. The floors absorb shock and noise, reduce the risk of injury and provide a non-slip surface for a smooth workout.

Functionality for every type of training

  • Rubber floor protection for functional training areas - For functional training areas, our floors are designed to support dynamic movements. The textured surface provides traction for quick changes of direction, jumps and movements in all directions. This allows you to train with agility without compromising on traction.
  • Rubber floor protection for weight-lifting areas - In the weight-lifting area, our floors provide the necessary stability and shock absorption. They are strong enough to withstand the strain of heavy weights while protecting the equipment and the surface.
  • Rubber floor protection for free weights areas - The free weights area requires a floor that is not only robust but also durable. Our fitness floors are hard-wearing and easy to clean, making them perfect for high-traffic areas. Their thickness and structure provide protection for the subfloor and infrastructure below.
  • Rubber floor protection for cardio areas - Our floors create a comfortable running and training surface for cardio areas. They are shock-absorbent, which reduces stress on joints, while providing a firm base for cardio equipment such as treadmills, elliptical trainers and more.

Versatility and adaptability

Our fitness floors are available in a variety of designs, including square floor mats or rolls, to suit the individual needs of different spaces. Easy installation allows for quick set-up, while the ability to customize allows for the creation of different training areas within a room.

Create your perfect training environment

Whether you are equipping a gym, a corporate training facility or a home gym, our fitness floors provide the ideal basis for an effective and safe workout. They combine quality, functionality and durability to support the most demanding fitness environments.

We have the perfect flooring solution for sports & fitness areas

The fitness floors at are the optimal choice for functional training areas, weight lifting, free weights and cardio areas. They offer the perfect balance between robustness, functionality and versatility to take your training environment to the next level. Discover our selection and find the ideal fitness floor for your needs.


CrossFloor® specializes in high-quality flooring solutions for sports and fitness facilities. With years of experience, we offer optimized flooring systems for functional, weight-lifting, cardio and free weight areas, among others.

In the CrossFloor external warehouse, more than 20,000 m² of floor coverings are continuously available for immediate dispatch. This means we can guarantee fast delivery times, even for urgent projects. The maximum delivery time for floor protection mats not in stock is 2-3 weeks.

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