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X2.CRF-P8 - Fitness floor protection mat rubber - Thickness: 10 or 15 mm - Puzzle - Premium surface

29,90  - 36,90  incl. 19% VAT.

Price per m²

The X2.CRF-P8 rubber floor protection mat in puzzle format is a high-quality, hard-wearing floor mat for fitness and training areas. With a thickness of 15 mm, it offers excellent shock absorption and noise reduction.

The puzzle piece structure enables simple, seamless installation, ideal for individual room designs of fitness areas. The special end and corner pieces enable seamless and secure installation.

These elements are crucial for avoiding tripping hazards and creating a uniform, homogeneous surface appearance. They ensure a smooth transition to existing floor surfaces and enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the installed area.

The material is robust and non-slip, ensuring safety during intense workouts. This rubber floor protection mat is perfect for gyms, home gyms, corporate fitness and places where robust and durable flooring is required.

The X2.CRF-P8 Puzzle floor protection mat is one of our bestsellers.

Volume discounts:
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Areas of application for the Puzzle rubber floor protection mat

  • Fitness studios

    In gyms, the mat not only protects the floor from heavy weights and equipment, but also improves the aesthetics of the room. The modularity of the puzzle pieces makes it easy to adapt to complex room geometries, while end, middle and corner pieces guarantee a clean and professional look.

  • Personal Trainer Studios

    Personal trainer studios benefit from the flexibility and ease of installation of the rubber mat, which allows for customization of the training area. The special pieces promote an ergonomic and safe training environment, essential for 1:1 sessions.

  • Boutique Gyms

    Boutique Gyms focus on uniqueness and style. The floor protection mats contribute to an inviting and motivating ambience that members appreciate. The easy maintenance and durability of the rubber mats support daily operations without compromising on appearance.

  • Athletic Boxing

    Athletic boxing places special demands on the floor covering. The rubber mats offer an optimum solution here by absorbing shocks and giving the athletes a stable grip. The puzzle structure enables an individual fit for every room.

  • Home gyms

    The floor protection mats are also ideal for home gyms, as they offer protection against damage to the subfloor while creating a professional training environment. The puzzle elements make self-installation easy, while the corner and end pieces provide an aesthetic look.

  • Company fitness

    In company fitness areas, the rubber mats contribute to a healthy and active working environment. The mats are hard-wearing and easy to clean, making them ideal for regular use. The modularity supports flexible room design.

  • Hotel gyms

    In hotel gyms, the floor protection mats offer a durable and visually appealing solution that provides guests with a safe and enjoyable training experience. Easy installation and maintenance guarantee that the fitness area always remains in top condition.

These designs underline the versatility and benefits of the X2.CRF-P8 floor protection mat in a variety of applications, from commercial fitness centers to private training rooms.

Weight 14 kg



Puzzle (100 x 100 cm / corner to corner 106 x 106 cm)


10 mm, 15 mm




Functional fitness, weight training, fitness areas

Intrinsic density

greater than 1000 kg/m³

Temperature tolerance

+/- 2,5%

Starch tolerance

+/- 2 mm

Dimensional tolerance

+/- 1,5%

Fire class

EN 13501-1 Efl-s1


Corner piece, end piece, center piece


CrossFloor® specializes in high-quality flooring solutions for sports and fitness facilities. With years of experience, we offer optimized flooring systems for functional, weight-lifting, cardio and free weight areas, among others.

In the CrossFloor external warehouse, more than 20,000 m² of floor coverings are continuously available for immediate dispatch. This means we can guarantee fast delivery times, even for urgent projects. The maximum delivery time for floor protection mats not in stock is 2-3 weeks.

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