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Manufacturing process of SBR rubber granulate floor protection mats for fitness areas

SBR rubber granules, short for styrene butadiene rubber, is a synthetic material that plays a significant role in the production of fitness floor protection mats. This material is produced by the polymerization of styrene and butadiene in a process that results in a versatile elastomer that offers both the physical properties of rubber and the cost-efficient production of plastics.

Definition and production process of SBR rubber granulate

SBR rubber granulate is produced by shredding styrene-butadiene rubber into small, granulated particles. These granules are then cleaned and can be produced in different sizes and shapes depending on requirements. The manufacturing process involves several steps, starting with polymerization, in which styrene and butadiene react under heat and pressure in the presence of a catalyst. After polymerization, the resulting rubber is shaped, vulcanized to improve its elastic properties and finally shredded into pellets.

Why SBR rubber granulate is used for floor protection mats

SBR rubber granules are often used in the production of floor protection mats for fitness areas due to their unique properties. These properties include high abrasion resistance, elasticity and durability, making it ideal for areas where protection and comfort are required. In addition, SBR provides excellent shock absorption, which can minimize injuries from falls, making it a preferred choice for gyms, playgrounds and other sports areas.

Another advantage of SBR rubber granules is their resistance to water and most chemicals, which makes the floor protection mats particularly easy to clean. This water resistance prevents the formation of mold and mitigates the effects of spills, making cleaning easier and contributing to hygiene in fitness and sports facilities.

In summary, SBR rubber granules are an outstanding material for the production of floor protection mats due to their versatility, durability and protective functions. It offers an effective solution for areas where safety, comfort and hygiene are top priorities.

Recycling old truck tires into SBR rubber granulate floor protection mats

Our floor protection mats are made from recycled SBR rubber granulate obtained from old truck tires. It represents a significant step towards environmental friendliness and sustainability. This process not only reduces the environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste, but also helps to make the use of natural resources more efficient.

  • The recycling process

    The conversion of old truck tires into SBR rubber granulate involves several steps. First, the tires are collected and transported to a recycling plant, where they are first separated from other materials such as steel and fibres. The rubber parts are then shredded, cleaned and cut into granules of various sizes. This process produces high-quality rubber granulate, which is used as a raw material for the production of floor protection mats.

  • Environmental benefits

    The reuse of old truck tires for the production of floor protection mats offers numerous environmental benefits. It prevents large amounts of rubber waste from ending up in landfills where it would not decompose for decades. Instead, the rubber is recycled in a sensible cycle, reducing the demand for new, raw rubber materials and thus helping to conserve natural resources.

  • Quality and performance

    Although the floor protection mats are made from recycled material, their quality and performance are in no way inferior to those made from new material. The mats continue to offer excellent properties in terms of durability, shock absorption and slip resistance. In addition, the recycling process enables controlled quality assurance, where only the best materials are selected for production, resulting in a high-quality end product.

  • Promoting the circular economy

    The use of recycled SBR rubber granules from old truck tires for floor protection mats not only contributes to environmental protection, but also promotes the principles of the circular economy. This approach supports the idea of keeping products and materials in circulation for as long as possible to minimize the environmental impact and maximize the efficiency of resource use.

Overall, the use of recycled SBR rubber granules from old truck tires for the production of floor protection mats is an innovative and responsible solution that meets both the needs of users and the requirements of environmental protection.

REACH certified floor protection mats

Health concerns regarding harmful substances are an important issue in the production of floor protection mats made from SBR rubber granules obtained from recycled truck tires. To address and eliminate these concerns, the industry relies exclusively on the use of light truck tires, which are subject to strict EU regulations and have successfully passed the REACH certification process.

REACH certification: A seal for safety and health

REACH stands for "Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals", an EU chemicals regulation that aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can arise from chemicals. The use of REACH-certified truck tires in the recycling process for floor protection mats ensures that they are free of harmful chemicals. This is particularly important as floor protection mats are often used in environments where people have direct contact with the material, such as functional training areas, home gyms or free weight areas.

Strict controls and safety standards

By complying with the REACH regulation, the truck tires used are subject to strict controls with regard to their chemical composition. This means that only tires that do not contain substances of concern in concentrations above the specified limits may be used for the production of rubber granules. This measure ensures that the final floor protection mats are safe for use by minimizing potential risks from pollutant emissions.

Trust through transparency

The use of REACH-certified materials in the production of our floor protection mats made from recycled truck tires not only offers a high safety guarantee, but also promotes consumer confidence. Manufacturers who are committed to transparency and demonstrably only use materials that are harmless to health strengthen confidence in their products.

Customers can therefore be sure that the floor protection mats they choose for their fitness rooms, play areas or commercial facilities are not only environmentally friendly, but also free from substances that are harmful to health.

In summary, the concern of harmful substances in floor protection mats is effectively addressed and eliminated through the use of REACH-certified truck tires. This practice ensures that the floor protection mats are not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also safe for the health of the users.


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